Marie-Eve Turgeon

Marie-Eve Turgeon

The ‘’Likeable boss’’

Entrepreneur in the soul and marketing specialist, Marie-Eve never miss the chance for a business opportunity. Grounded, she is the strength behind SWAG agency but she is mainly our likeable boss!


Jessica Deloraine

The creator of opportunities

International Development
Bright and dynamic, Jess travels the roads convert as many people to get swag. Articulate and also attentive, she is a sparkly representative looking to make your projects successful events!


Danielle Goulet

The fine strategist

Project director
Attentive to your needs, Danielle remains focused on your projects! Organized and thoughtful, she will analyze, implement and ensure the smooth progress of your projects. With her, you will be listened with careful attention.

Marie-Claude Laurendeau-Desmarais

Marie-Claude Laurendeau-Desmarais

The lively project manager

Web animation, computer graphics, marketing communication
Energetic, versatile and efficient, Marie-Claude is the right-hand woman of all! She provides visibility for your business on the web and is constantly seeking to provide the best in terms of webcasting strategies. She combines versatility and technique to maximize your projects.

Silhouette Mireille

Mireille Bélanger

The ‘’Chic’’ designer

Art direction
Filled with fresh ideas, Mireille likes to imagine, create and innovate. With professionalism and style, she will quickly grasp the personality and essence of your company to develop a corporate image and promotional tools to convey. She is a strong asset to our team and for our customers!

Silhouette Anik


The web muse

Web Design
Discreet and brilliant, Anik will put your business to the forefront of the web rankings! She will showcase the quality and beauty of your company and transmit a web image to meet your expectations and needs.

Silhouette Tim


The gifted programmer

Tim speaks the code language (and the French from France!); an often ignored and misunderstood talent! Luckily, we have Tim who handles the design and programming of your website or your web tools!

Stéphanie Grenier

Stéphanie Grenier

The ‘’grounded’’ RH expert

Human resources manager
Smart and passionate about humans, Stephanie brings support to the team in terms of human resources management. She contributes to the harmony of the team and ensures that everyone gives 110% effort!


Hugo Landry

‘’Backup’’ and faithfull friend

Hugo is always there, if necessary, to support our “likeable boss”! Important member of the SWAG Agency, he managed, during his many years, to gain the confidence of the team and customers. He gets called to entertain us, make us laugh and sometimes to serve as a backup!

Our story

International Development

SWAG agency takes off to the international skies! The company has now the English language on their website and welcomed within the team new resources to help its expansion!

Some statistics on us!

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