Marketing communication is a fundamental part of a company’s marketing efforts. Loosely defined, marketing communication is the connection between the brand and the consumer. Publicize your product or service, increase sales, communicate a strong company image, all this is generate by a fair use of marketing communications.

You probably knew… but are you well tooled to meet the demands of consumers? Do you feel lost with all the choices available in terms of marketing?

It’s possible that you may need external help. Activities in information technology and accounting, for example, are often given by subcontracted experts. Marketing communication can be outsourced too! Your answer to the next question could indicate your need for this kind of option.

Obvious sign of marketing communication needs

Do you sometime say?

‘’Ahhh! I don’t have time to take care of my Facebook page!’’

‘’My website is outdated. Many of our projects should be online.’’

‘’I invest money in publicity without thinking to much and I don’t get any return on investment.’’

‘’We have many marketing projects, but none are completed.’’

Well, know that you are not alone. Also know that outsourcing marketing communication can be useful. In fact, it gives you time, saves you money and gets you a reliable expertise.

Outsourcing at a glance

Outsourcing is the action of assigning to a third party a mandate or the production of a portion of its operating cycle. It is wise to use it in particular situations, such as:

When an employee is not require full-time for marketing tasks;
When the company budget does not permit new in-house resources;
When the company has a workload that forces to leave aside marketing actions;
When the company has no time or no money to train a new employee or to initiate the search process for a candidate;
When the company wish to take the right marketing decisions.

My business is too small for this!

Often, companies think that they are too small to get commercialization and sales tools. In fact, it is in this situation that a company needs a hand! To grow, companies need to benefit from marketing actions and maximize their investments. Furthermore, they can benefit from experienced resources throughout the year.

At SWAG agency, for example, we offer our clients to support their marketing and communication activities in a proportion of few hours per week or month. According to their needs and their budget available, we can build effective strategies and create impactful tools.

There is no reason to put aside your marketing communication activities. You can keep thinking big without busting your budget!

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